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  • Annually, Barbados welcomes approximately 1 million visitors and has the 9th most visitor arrivals in the region and is #1 for visitor spend per capita in that top 10 category. The tourism industry generates over 50% of the country’s foreign exchange.
  • Tourism is central to the Barbados economy and employs 14,000 persons directly with 12 percent of GDP attributed to the industry. Its hotel occupancy levels average 65% annually.
  • Barbados is the #1 destination in the region for visitors from the UK. Tourism revenues totalled approximately USD $1billion in 2014 with 519,601 long stay visitors and 557,898 cruise passengers. The Bridgetown Cruise Terminal is ranked #1 in the region with several cruise lines home-porting at the facility.
  • Barbados’ tourism product will receive an injection of over USD $1billion in tourism investment through to 2019 from several major projects that are currently on-stream. These investments will create an additional 2,300 rooms on the island and directly add USD $262.7 million to GDP while generating 4,528 jobs directly.





Port Ferdinand

2014 Key Tourism Statistics

  • Long stay arrivals: 519,601
  • Cruise arrivals: 557,898
  • Annual room occupancy rates: 65%
  • Average length of stay: 12 days
  • Highest visitor spend per trip in the Caribbean
  • Ranked #9 for regional tourist arrivals
#11 internationally for ease of finding skilled employees
#12 Internationally for health and hygiene
# 13 of an international field for number of business trips extended by executives visiting for the first time