Saint Peter's Bay

Excellent Accommodations

Barbados offers the widest selection of accommodation facilities in the Eastern Caribbean and is rated #8 for the number of hotel rooms per 100 of population. Whatever your taste in accommodation, there’s no need to compromise when choosing to reside in Barbados. From luxury suites and condominiums in gated communities to small one bedroom flats with all modern amenities, a wide range of options are available. The services of local real estate agents can also be employed to find the one that is right for you.

Royal Westmoreland

High Standard of Education

Barbados is widely recognized for having an excellent educational system from Nursey to Tertiary which has resulted in a highly skilled population with a 99.7% literacy rate. The island is ranked #1 by the UNDP Human Development index and 11th for its “Ease of Finding Skilled Employees”. Education is free up to the tertiary level for local residents and a wide assortment of public and private elementary and high schools  are also available. With an educated population and an advanced network of schools at various levels, Barbados is poised to be the ideal place for investment and business development.

Carlisle Bay

Culture & Entertainment

Barbados is the business and entertainment capital of the Eastern Caribbean where there is a year round calendar of activities that include local cultural events of which the Crop Over festival during the Summer period is a major feature. The island has a mixture of regional and international festivals and concerts that are sure to keep you entertained.

Port Ferdinand


Ranked #1 for visitor spend per trip among the top regional destinations, Barbados has one of the most diverse shopping experiences in the Eastern Caribbean with a wide selection of international brands available on the island, and a blossoming local market that is quickly making its presence felt internationally. The island is also Ranked #2 for the number of ATMs accepting VISA cards per million of population.



Barbados boasts a range of world class golf and polo courses and has hosted a range of international events including the 2007 Cricket World Cup.