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WHY INVEST IN BARBADOS TOURISM The tourism product of the island is diverse and truly unique!

Public & Private Sector Commitment to Development

Solid leadership over the years has served this 166 square mile island well and laid the foundation for the advancement of its political, economic, and social stability – a stability supported by the fact that the country is governed by the third oldest parliamentary democracy in the British Commonwealth.


A sustained commitment to a policy of social and economic development in the island has been demonstrated by successive elected administrations. As a result of this, inward investment is fully supported by the Government which is committed to ensure that appropriate incentives and legislation are in place to give confidence and predictability to investment decision making.


Since 1993 the public/private sector commitment has been taken to another level of unique co-operation, with the formalisation of protocols between Government, the private sector and labour unions with the intention of defending the economic achievements of Barbados and promoting sustainable development. As a result of this co-operation through the Barbados Social Partnership, the economy has realised a sustained growth in excess of 4% annually and a reduction in the level of inflation while producing real increases in industrial wages.

More Reasons To Invest In Barbados Tourism: